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Baiting is our primary method of hunting. Because of the immense size of our area only a certain percentage can possibly be utilized each season, baiting gives us the ability to draw bears from areas that have never been hunted.

Bait sites are set and maintained throughout the season. Each year we explore new areas, setting out new baits and discovering exceptional bear territory. In some cases, in winter months bait is hauled to remote locations.

We use portable lock on tree stands, but can accommodate requests for ground blinds or ladder stands. With generally 10 bait sites per hunter, most of the rifle and archery shots are close range, 25 yards or less. It is not uncommon to have numerous bears visiting one bait site or hunters harvesting their two bear limit in one evening.

Our area encompasses some 4500 square miles of boreal forest littered with lakes, rivers, swamps and rolling hills-ideal bear habitat. Access to most of this area is only possible with the use of ATV 4 wheelers, making this virtually exclusive to our hunters.

Extensive groundwork is necessary to prepare for your hunt. We have the proper equipment to get the job done, along with hardworking experienced guides.

We are located in North Eastern Alberta. Your commercial flight destination is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You will need to arrive one day before the date of your hunt, and depart the day after.

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